Big SouthWester Spinning® Event 2016

6 Epic Rides - 6 Amazing Presenters - 60 Bikes & One Electric Atmosphere!

The ‘Transcendental’ Journey
Definition - "A transcendental experience, event, object, or idea is extremely special and unusual and cannot be understood in ordinary ways."

Now in its third year the Big Southwester event goes from strength to strength as it works its way around the stunning Southwest with a new location each year.

This year's theme 'Transcendental' takes you on a mesmerizing journey led by some of the top UK presenters. It's jam-packed with outstanding rides, euphoric tunes and rounds off with a super social night out. And if that wasn't enough Sunday gives you the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular Cornish views either by bike or coastal path walk.

We are super proud to have Precor supplying the all new Spinning® Bikes and you'll be riding smoothly through your journey on either a 'Rally' or ‘Shift' Spinner® Bike.

Bookings are now live and our early bird offer is only available until 15th Sept! You can either do all 6 rides as an individual or you can share a bike as a team (min 2 max of 6). So click here to book your place on the ultimate Spinning® Experience!

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Sixth Sense - Cat Booker - Endurance EZ

img This intrinsic journey weaves you through an Endurance Ride synchronizing the natural five senses, which lead you to the sixth sense. The sixth sense is the surprise and nothing to do with the movie


Apocalypse - Laura Phillips & Jess Rowe - Strength EZ

img You are among the few survivors of a virus that has swept the world turning the human race into an army of the undead. Base camp has been breached… the only way to safety is by reaching higher ground at an altitude the undead cannot survive. A climb awaits. You must use your bravery, strength, determination and focus to overcome obstacles along the way and get you and your team to safety. This is your only chance of survival.


Dragon Rider - Mel Chambers - Interval EZ

img We experience the highs and lows, both physical and emotional as we journey through the adventurous and perilous land of myths and legends and dragons!


Overcoming Adversity - Neil Fitton & Brian Greene - Interval EZ

img Performing under pressure has a secret… it’s not about survival or just getting through it… it’s how you keep it together and prepare for the next time. In-between each challenge you’re in a perfect place to deal with it, adapt then come out the other side waiting to outwit the next one… whatever it may be... Join us and love how ready you are to deal with what comes next...


CLUBLAND II – Ibiza Uncut - Mel Chambers & Cat Booker - Strength EZ

img Experience a tour of the super -clubs, from the roots to the shining star of the clubbing scene on the White Isle, Ibiza. A transcendental journey of incredible communal moments with every hand in the air.


Transcendence - Mel Chambers - Recovery EZ

img After experiencing the euphoric highs and pushing our body and mind beyond what we thought possible, we reach a point of true transcendence as our journey culminates to a deeper sense of self.!

  • Mel Chambers is one of the International Master Trainers for the Spinning® Program in the UK and Founder of the BSW. She has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and has been Spinning® for over 17 of those. During that time she has presented internationally across the globe and has trained hundreds of instructors along the way. Her passion and enthusiasm for Spinning is effectious and created the Big Southwester Event to keep that passion alive in the Southwest. She is also a well established artist so when she's not Spinning® on a bike, she being creative in her studio..

    Mel Chambers International Master Trainer, Spinning®
  • Cat Booker is a National Presenter for Spinning® UK & Ireland and the Marketing Co-ordinator for BSW. She has been rocking out classes at Fitness Fiesta, since 2011. In addition to events, Cat has her own Spinning® Studio, Functional Training and Pilates, Personal Training & Biomechanics Studios where she works with her small team of coaches and physical therapists. As a Master Coach for Queenax Functional Training, and Pilates Diploma Course Director, Cat is working in the business on a daily basis, as well as delivering education, and developing her role with the Worldwide Spinning® Master Trainer Team. Her background is marketing and brand management which bridged with the start of her now fulltime career in the health, wellbeing and fitness industry.

    Cat Booker National Presenter for Spinning® UK & Ireland
  • Jessica Rowe is a Star 1 Spinning® Instructor from Cornwall and also holds a BSc hons in Sports Performance and Coaching as well as a FdSc in Outdoor Education and has 6 years experience coaching outdoor activities before turning to spinning after an injury forced her to change direction 4 years ago. She has been teaching in West Penwith as a cover instructor for 2 and half years and since November has been taking regular classes in Redruth. When not in the studio she can be found walking the stunning cornish coastline, swimming in the sea or spending time with her beloved horse Tanjay.

    Jessica Rowe Star 1 Spinning® Instructor
  • Laura Phillips has been in the fitness industry for over 14 years and has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to training. As a Star 2 instructor she has been a part of the Spinning® program for 4 years and continues to develop her knowledge by continuing education. Laura loves the passion and energy that comes from teaching and also helping people achieve their goals. .

    Laura Phillips Star 2 Spinning® Instructor
  • Bikes have been a part of Neil Fitton's life for over 35yrs, having raced on the road and mountain biking, with a bit of Track and Cyclocross thrown in. He discovered Spinning® and became an instructor in 2010. Now a Star 2 Instructor Neil has taken all of his experience on the road and mountain bike into his approach to classes.

    Neil Fitton Star 2 Spinning® Instructor
  • Brian Greene is a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, based in Dublin, Ireland. He is a Star 3 Spinning® instructor, and has qualified in other areas such as TRX®, Biomechanics and GP Exercise Referral. Brian has presented at events in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Brian is also a keen cyclist with long distance Audax events being his main interest, from regular 200/300/400km rides up to special events from 1000km-1500km.

    Brian Greene Star 3 Spinning® Instructor

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Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE
Big Southwester Spinning® Event 2016